Your goals, your schedule, your medical history, your taste and your performance -100% about YOU

Personal Training

Services available: 

One on One Private Personal Training 

or with a Partner at reduced Rate 

Enjoy personal attention in a private setting.

A balanced fitness program based on an integrated training style that incorporates flexibility, core, balance, plyometric, speed agility, and resistance training will be specifically designed for you and your individual goals.

What to expect :

  • Initial Assessment to determine your specific needs, abilities and preferences, as well as any limitations that you might be faced with

  • Customized fitness program designed for your personal goals based on your initial assessment

  • Nutrition Coaching 

  • 24/7 access to me via phone, and email 

  • Weekly check-ins to track progress including Bioelectrical Body scan to determine body fat, muscle percentage and more.

  • Adjustments and Progression to programs as needed 

  • Accountability, guidance and motivation throughout the whole process

Personal Training is without a doubt the most effective way to achieve your goals!

For more information or to set up a Consultation contact me below. 


Achieve your Fitness Goal

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